Reviews of Shows at the Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California


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Reviews of Shows at the Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California
The Samuel Oschin Planetarium at the Griffith Park Observatory presents a spectacular show delving deeply into the cosmic exploration and discovery of the planet. “Who are we?”, and “Where did we come from?” are fundamental questions the program attempts to explain, admitting ultimately that the most scientific and brilliant hypotheses exist only as mere speculation, once again it is suggested here as in countless studies, we are there today because of a tremendous explosion which transpired 15 billion years ago known as the Big Bang. Actually, the Big Bang according to the presentation at the planetarium was more of an...
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.....ic horizon. Suddenly, the viewer instinctively grasps the armrests in the planetarium for security as the celestial fireworks begin. The lights arc across the heavens, and Viking warriors appear to the music which pummeled the auditorium. The effect was astounding, and when the Northern Lights shimmered, the Earth became crowned with rings of glory, and the audience completely became in awe of the majesty as well as the magic of the Viking people of the North, as well as the incredible magic of the Aurora Borealis.
All three presentations at the Griffith Observatory; “Centered in the Universe”, “Water Is Life”, and “Light of the Valkyries” were produced with skill. The result was a thought provoking and incredibly entertaining presentation.