Reviewing the Website for the National Ballet School


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Reviewing the Website for the National Ballet School
Assignment #2
In reviewing the website for the National Ballet School (, it is clear that the organization has not made fundraising communication a priority in its online system. In general, although the site is easy to navigate and the organization is known to be in need of financial assistance, giving opportunities are not highlighted on the site’s home page. Instead, the focus is very much on the school’s events. Although one may argue that the events focus will draw in website users and potentially build community over the long term, there is also a need to ensure that the organization presents a call to action. For this reason, I would improve the website by...
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.....ization is therefore less cumbersome as Evergreen is responsible for bringing a number of other organizations together. On the negative side, the event seems to have only one major sponsor, Burt’s Bees. While this is a good partner for Evergreen, the organization would probably be better served with a number of different sponsoring partners. Second, tickets are free; although this will open doors to many, it can also limit the commitment level of individuals in the community to come to the event. A low-price entry ticket may have helped ensure people show up, at least for some of the sub-events. Third, the event focusses a lot on tours; it may help the event to create some additional kid-friendly sub-events that focus on crafts or movement.