Review of Vandana Shiva’s Article, “Poverty and Globalization”


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Review of Vandana Shiva’s Article, “Poverty and Globalization”
The following paper looks at Vandana Shiva’s article, “Poverty and globalization”. The thesis of the paper is simple: globalization, as defined by neo-liberal policies, is destroying both the natural world and also many human beings inasmuch as both are being exploited and/or trampled by powerful western multinationals (Shiva, n.d.). The position of this reviewer is that Shiva raises an excellent point and that the current practices are unsustainable because of the human toll they exact.
The article offers a bitter denunciation of how the west has exploited the non-western world and the natural resources of the globe. Shiva (n.d.) begins by noting that farmers in India were...
The end:
..... laws on farmers because we have already seen farmers sued in various parts of the world for patent infringement. It is also self-evident that monocultures destroy the balance and diversity that drives any healthy ecosystem. If there is one criticism, it is that she insists upon turning things into a “she versus he” affair – apparently oblivious to the fact that a great many western business elites and scientists are not male, and that many of those who want to see genetic manufacturing of foodstuffs are driven by an earnest desire to create more food and healthier food; they are not merely driven by a desire to create greater profits.
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