Review of Study on Legal Regulation of Marriage in New France


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Review of Study on Legal Regulation of Marriage in New France
, André and Sylvie
, "Violence, Marriage, and Family Honour: Aspects of the Legal Regulation of Marriage in New France." Pp.112-130(?) (Additional information not provided by client and upload has page numbers cut off).
The argument presented by the scholars is that the families of people in New France were guided by the state and by the Church – at least in the sense that the state determined if couples could separate and both institutions had laws and instructions in place that made sure that people embraced family stability. At the same time, neighbours ensured that people followed the prescriptions of the state and acted appropriately; they often...
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.....e of their authoritarian and confiscatory ways; many Upper Canadian men hated being enlisted in the forces; Canadians continued to trade with the Americans even as war broke out; and Upper Canadians were not enthusiastic about preparing for war, either.
Condon evidently values the old primary source documents of the Kingston Gazette and the Upper Canada Gazette; she also appears to favour the primary materials of Robert
and D’Arcy
. In fact, she relies very heavily upon primary sources or reprints of old primary sources.
A very solid work that sheds some new light on an area where hagiography has taken root. As well, her use of primary sources is exemplary because they are the foundation for her research.