Review of “Pretty Like a White Boy”, by Drew Hayden Taylor


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The beginning:
Review of “Pretty Like a White Boy", by Drew Hayden Taylor
This paper explores Drew Hayden Taylor’s essay, “pretty like a white boy,” and outlines the topic, purpose and main idea of the essay. The paper subsequently details the dominant rhetorical mode of the essay – in this instance, it is definition – and will explore the central definition or classification presented by the writer. It will be argued that the style chosen is quite effective at conveying the message, and of achieving the purpose, the writer seeks. The paper will then look at whether the reasoning is deductive or inductive and will utilize one of the idea-generating methods – a modification of Osborn’s concept of group idea-generation is the one selected – to come up with...
The end:
..... to be the strongest and which ones are weak and probably need to be removed from any final paper. The outline of my essay will be very much like Taylor’s in the end because I think I can generalize a few insights from my own personal experiences.
To end, briefly, this paper has looked at a definitional essay in our course reader and how it uses inductive reasoning to arrive at a conclusion with which I cannot fully agree. However, it does provide inspiration for a personal essay of my own that will also be definitional in nature.
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