Review of “Hartmann v. Loudoun County Board of Education”


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Review of "Hartmann v. Loudoun County Board of Education"
This paper shall review the case of Mark Hartmann versus the Loudoun County Board of Education. The particulars of the case are examined and the contexts of the courts’ rulings are reviewed. The application of the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act is investigated and a general conclusion that the mandates of the Act present inherent difficulties with respect to parents desires for the best for their children.
Hartmann v. Loudoun County Board of Education
The difficulty in providing an appropriate education for Mark Hartmann, the autistic plaintiff in this case, demonstrates the inherent problems of attempting to legislate areas of little scientific...
The end:
.....basic floor of education and the efforts of the Loudoun County School Board may be lauded in that aspect, however examples of mediocrity are not the inspirational stories akin to Helen Keller and Ann Sullivan. The hopes of every parent and the constant self doubt as to the propriety of their efforts on behalf of their child are amplified when they are the parent of a disabled child. The hopes for excellence are not reflected in the law, and the federally mandated standard of a basic floor of opportunity hardly seems like justice when applied to the individual child.
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