Review of “Changing Toronto: Governing Urban Neoliberalism”


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Review of "Changing Toronto: Governing Urban Neoliberalism"
Today, the majority of the population in Western countries lives and works in urban areas. Urban areas constantly increase their population and cites grow larger in size. The search for the better life and living conditions have made people migrate from the rural area into the cities since the end of 19th century. Also, urban areas of Western countries are often the final destinations of many immigrants. Their contribution to increasing population in Canadian cities, particularly Toronto, cannot be overlooked. Urban areas face many issues today. Many works have been devoted to the process of urbanization analyzing it from one or another perspective: planning, sustainability,...
The end:
.....rconnectedness of problems that modern urban areas are facing. From that point of view it can certainly be used as reading material in courses related to urbanization and urban areas. The text can also find a place on the shelves of scholars interested in contemporary urban changes, governance, and problems. It will not prove to be a useful read to those interested in the general history of urbanization and history of Toronto since the amount of historical data presented is limited in the time span (past three decades) and is concentrated mainly on the issues relevant for the authors argument.
Boudreau, J.-A.,
, R., and Young, D. (2009). Changing Toronto: Governing urban
. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.