Review of Alcoholics Anonymous


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Review of Alcoholics Anonymous
In order to understand Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and have an accurate reaction to its purpose that an alcoholic is must first be recognized. An alcoholic can be anyone. There is no discrimination with this disease. The alcoholic is sick and suffering just like a person suffering and sick from cancer or diabetes. Unlike cancer, but like diabetes there is no cure from alcoholism. By ‘no cure,’ AA members mean no cure in the sense that the person will never be able to drink in safety again--in safety means like a nonalcoholic (“Alcoholics Anonymous in Santa Clara County, California”).
Alcoholism is a physical compulsion in conjunction with a mental obsession to drink. In order to recover from alcoholism as it...
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.....adhered to by the alcoholic to the best of their ability teaches then how to live with others. There are also the 12 concepts that teach the alcoholic how to keep the fellowship going through service (“Alcoholics Anonymous”).
My feelings about AA have changed now that I understand the goal of AA. The simplicity of the program also amazed me. I am walking away form this assignment wishing that I could find fellowship anywhere in the world simply by accepting to live my life by the AA principles that have been laid out before me.
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