Review of a Research Study on Depression in Single Mothers


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The beginning:
Review of a Research Study on Depression in Single Mothers
The title used by Peden, A.R, Rayens, M.K., Hall, L.A. and Grant, E. (2005) was appropriate for the study described in the article. The title of the article includes all of the essential elements of the research study conducted. The population of the study, low-income single mothers is included in the study. They also also included their research variables, namely negative thinking, depressive symptoms and chronic stressors in their title (p.268, col1/para1). The study concept, which was to test an intervention, was included in the study; however, the authors excluded the name of the intervention used in the title of the article. The study type was not included in the title but the...
The end:
CES_DS -Cronbach’s
alpha coefficient in this study ranged from .80 to .92BDI-Cronbach’s
alpha coefficient for the different administrations in this sample ranged from .78 to .92.
Numerous studies cited in this study support the validity of the CES-D
Negative Thoughts
Crandell Cognitions Inventory
Crandell & Chambless, (1986)
Cronbach’s alpha of .95 in a previous study
Cronbach’s alpha coefficients for
sample ranged from .94 to .97
correlations with other measures of negative
thinking were used to support construct validity
Chronic Stressors
Everyday Stressors Index
Hall, 1983
Scale: 4 point: 0-3
The Cronbach alpha
coefficients for this sample ranged from .80
to .85.
They used factor analytic
techniques for construct validity.