Review of a List of Diseases


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Review of a List of Diseases
Red eye
Infectious Conjunctivitis
Allergic ConjunctivitisChemical Conjunctivitis
acute angle closure glaucoma
subconjunctival hemorrhage
scleritiscorneal abrasioncorneal ulcer
Nasal congestion (runny/ stuffy nose)
Upper respiratory infectionseasonal allergiesAcute Rhinosinusitis
Vasomotor rhinitis
Foreign bodyEarache
Otitis mediaOtitis externa
Acute Eustachian tube obstruction
BarotraumaForeign body
Facial pain
Cellulitis of facial tissue
Orbital cellulitisTrigeminal neuralgia
Herpes zoster
TMJ syndrome
Impacted wisdom tooth
Allergic rhinitis
Multiple sclerosis
Subarachnoid hemorrhage
Sore throat
Bacterial PharyngitisViral pharyngitis...
The end:
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