Reversal of Fortune and the Futility of Human Choice


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Please note: I cut out some of the outline because I felt it was superfluous and not helpful to advancing the thesis
Reversal of Fortune and the Futility of Human Choice
Agamemnon in Iphigenia at Aulis and Agamemnon
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The structural factors of both Iphigenia at Aulis and Agamemnon reflect detailed arguments for the developing self-importance of man. In establishing new boundaries which better defined man’s relationship with the Gods, the character of Agamemnon as depicted in similar if not identical manners in Iphigenia at Aulis by Euripides and Agamemnon by Aeschylus demonstrates that man had begun to perceive himself as interacting in the...
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.....ssical Review, 4.7(1890): 299-306.
An important consideration of the text written in the nineteenth century, this work is a review of a book which allows for consideration of valuable elements of the text.
Walsh, George B. Iphigenia in Aulis: Third
Classical Philology, 69.4(1974): 241-248.
This article demonstrates the emotional intensity of the third
, in which the pivotal action of the play is revealed, and reflected upon.
, C. W. The Prologue of Iphigenia at Aulis.
The Classical Quarterly, 21.2(1971): 343-364.
In a reflection of the crucial exposition of the play, this source provides textual reference for larger connections of the connection of Chorus to the perspectives of the Gods, which shapes the narrative.