Retell: Using “Putting Rubrics to the Test”


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The beginning:
Retell: Using “Putting Rubrics to the Test"
The first grade students were given teacher-generated writing prompts and asked to write quietly at their desks. The topic was “If you could be someone else for a day. Who would you be and why?” The questions raised by the students were minimal, but basic. The students asked questions such as “Can I be a real person? (yes) Can I be someone famous? (yes) Can I be my dog? (no) Why not?” Students were not encouraged to explore the depths of the topic any more than that. When they were done, the writing projects were collected, graded by the teacher, and returned.
Using “Putting Rubrics to the Test: The Effect of a Model, Criteria Generation, and Rubric- Referenced Self-Assessment on Elementary...
The end:
.....writing at every step leads to the
of the instruction, and that keeps the needs of the students in the forefront, as it should always be.
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