Responsiveness of Canadian Policies for Immigrants


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Responsiveness of Canadian Policies for Immigrants
1. Topic/Theme
The topic that I am proposing to examine is related to the experiences and concerns of immigrants in Canada in pursuing employment for which they have already been qualified in their country of origin. The theme of the paper is that there are underlying endemic challenges which prevent immigrants from success in the labour market in Canada. 2. Primary Research Question
My primary research question is: How are immigrants marginalized in the Canadian labour market, based on what we know about the lack of consistency in the use of international education credentials on a national basis?3. General Area of Investigation
Immigrants are often resigned to lower-paying jobs, and face...
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.....d to their home country or with other immigrants from that region.
Vosko, L. (2002). Rethinking Feminization: Gendered
Precariousness in the Canadian Labour Market and the Crisis in Social Reproduction. Toronto: John P. Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies.
Vosko provides statistics about the average immigrant worker in Canada.
Walton-Roberts, M. and Hiebert, D. (1999). Immigration,
Entrepreneurship, and the Family: Indo-Canadian Enterprise in the Construction Industry of Greater Vancouver. Canadian Journal of Regional Science, 20, 119-140.
According to research in both economics and business development, visible minorities are able to bypass some of the embedded social challenges they face by becoming their own boss and creating a business.