Response to Two Articles: Islam and Christianity


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The beginning:
Response to Two Articles: Islam and Christianity
This paper is a brief response (2 pages each) on two articles relating to Islam and Christianity.
First Response: Al-Aswany’s article on Islam in Switzerland
The first article to be discussed talks about Islam and the main issue appears to be the concern created by the success of a right-wing political party in Switzerland (SVP) to capture signatures calling for the ban of minarets in that nation. The article encapsulates how the SVP believes – or at least maintains – that Islam advocates religious violence, calls for the oppression of women, and is not a religion of peace in any way; the article also takes note of the fact that the SVP has a history of being anti-immigrant and xenophobic....
The end:
.....h does not.
Finally, bringing things to a close, my opinion of the article is quite strong: it is detached, objective, professional and balanced. The one thing that would have been nice to see in the article is a brief run-down (even if in bullet-point form) of how the Anglican faith differs from the Catholic faith; this was not done – and probably because of spatial limitations. It is still a thoughtful look at an important issue.
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