Response to the Article, “Am I Canadian? Hockey as National Culture”


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Response to the Article, "Am I Canadian? Hockey as National Culture"
Using Patricia Hughes-Fuller's article "Am I Canadian? Hockey as National Culture," write a critical essay interpreting and commenting on Hughes-Fuller's understanding of the importance of hockey in Canadian society. Be sure to use the course readings to back up your argument.
In the article "Am I Canadian? Hockey as National Culture," Patricia Hughes-Fuller comments on what she refers to as the increasingly prevalent phenomena of juxtaposing Canadian identity with hockey. As a result of this juxtaposition, seen at varying levels from Molson adverts to Prime Ministers, Hughes-Fuller decided to investigate how representations of hockey articulate Canadian identity. Like...
The end:
.....ossibilities. Things that immediately spring to mind are Canada’s courage in for example embracing multiculturalism, and its human rights’ commitment, as expressed in its legalization of gay marriage while its “big brother” neighbour lags pitifully behind, immersed in a quagmire of backward looking traditionalism.
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