Researching Native People


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Researching Native People
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October 18, 2010
Researching Native People
As a citizen of the U.S., it is obvious to me that our perspective tends to be one in which we regard ourselves as superior. Our interactions with other countries and societies, especially with native people in developing countries, tend to be authoritative. Sometimes the U.S. is simply mean. As a result of our attitude, we often times do not see the value of other ways of living. We attempt to forcefully convince others to be like us. I have never liked this quality of our culture, and think that our bizarre and selfish ways also affect how we go around examine native people all over the world. I believe it is important to be...
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.....ther when we begin to have more respect. When we all realize that there is only one race, the human race, then perhaps we can figure out better ways to enjoy the differences in one another and we will see how these differences make us stronger rather than weaker. Researchers can take a major role in helping this process along as they have the ability to build bridges between different groups of people from different communities. This ability is also a responsibility which must be taken seriously.
Cochran, P., Marshall, C., Garcia-Downing, C., Kendall, E., Cook, D., McCubbin, L. et al. (2008). Indigenous ways of knowing: implications for participatory research and community. American Journal of Public Health.
98, No. 1, 22-27.