Research Seminar: Dartmouth College


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The beginning:
Research Seminar: Dartmouth College
This paper looks at Dartmouth college and explores a host of issues, of which only the most prominent will be listed. To begin: What was the college’s original vision and mission relative to its philosophical perspective, politics and religion? Also, what is the background history of this great American school? These and other significant issues will be raised during the next several pages and it will be argued that, like a lot of American schools with long lineages, Dartmouth was initially guided – and is still guided – by a secular commitment to excellence and (to a lesser extent) by a religious mission. This explains, in the end, why students are expected to act in a certain way and are...
The end:
..... curriculum is more like a college curriculum than a high school curriculum as was the case in the eighteenth century. There is no question that the school has become diversified in many ways and that one of those ways involves expanding its curriculum in ways that would have been pretty much unimaginable in the eighteenth century when religion was the core of the focus.
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