Research Proposal on Food and Memories


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The beginning:
Research proposal: Food and memories
The following proposal outlines a future research paper that attempts to learn the role that food plays in the formulation of memories amongst children aged 9-13; the final paper shall carefully respect the rights of these children whilst offering an interesting insight into the lives they lead.
The research question at the heart of this initiative is a simple one: what impact do different foods have upon the memory of children. Such a question is of interest to this writer insofar as she can vividly recall the times when she spent an evening or an afternoon at MacDonald’s or Burger King and the galvanic effect this had upon family relations. In that sense, this topic interests this writer because the...
The end: of memory.
As I draw to a close, I want to stress that there is no risk to the participants: the children will be in the presence of their parents at all times and numerous safeguards have been taken to ensure confidentiality.
Finally, I have already discussed the ways in which the confidentiality of the children will be protected; I want to reiterate that this is a major priority for me and will remain so when the final project is completed.
As I close, this project is simply a first step towards ensuring that our society finally values children and takes into account their thoughts on, well, their own thoughts; I think it is important for children to be able to articulate and make sense of their own memories and this study does that.