Research Proposal on Java and Systems Security


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The beginning:
Research Proposal: Java and Systems Security
Introduction and Proposed Topic
My proposal is to research a topic of great interest and one that also has a popular business application and need for high-level talent to solve complex problems of systems security in e-business applications. The topic is the issue of securing systems architecture in Java applications, especially given the proliferation of Java-based services in cases of authentication and authorization in both enterprise and mobile internet applications. My paper will examine the history of securing the Java programming language with the emphasis on Java security in the present day and focusing on current methods that are in place to create the fully realized secure Java...
The end: viewpoint.
Xiaoyu, S., Zhenjun, D., Rong, C. (2009 Sept). Research on NTRU algorithm for mobile Java security. 2009 International Conference on Scalable Computing and Communications; Eighth International Conference on Embedded Computing. IEEE Computer Society. Abstract. Retrieved April 11, 2011 from,
This paper presents a new algorithm that is designed to address the problem of widespread mobile adoption of Java security for mass market PDA’s. The algorithm is a cryptosystem that is based on the shortest vector problem in a lattice, and has higher speed and memory than older algorithms. This is a significant development for mobile applications utilizing Java.