Research Project Proposal: Toronto Metro Soccer League


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The beginning:
Research Project Proposal: Toronto Metro Soccer League
Executive summary
The Toronto Metro Soccer League (TMSL) is an established competitive soccer association with twenty different divisions of players, from semi-professional to amateurs. The organization has recently found that they no longer have an adequate amount of younger players in the League. There is a concern that the organization’s website is perhaps out-dated and in this way it does not have the key elements that would assist players in joining, volunteering for, and managing the league. At the same time, the League believes that the future of their organization is also at stake because of the fact that their outreach programs for at-risk youth may suffer if they do not get...
The end:
..... communicate to your target market?
B. Questions for youth in community
Tell me about yourself and what you like to do every day.
What do you know about TMSL?
How did you find out about the organization?
How often do you play soccer?
What do you like about the game?
How do you find out about soccer games or practices?
What are your favourite websites? How often do you visit them?
How do you keep in touch with your friends?
Appendix 4: Schedule
Start date
End date
February 15
March 1
Coding and memoing of interview data
February 16
March 2
Data analysis
March 3
March 10
Creation of web and communications strategy
March 11
March 20
Creation of social media strategy
March 21
March 30
Delivery of findings and strategies
April 10