Research on Attraction


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The beginning:
Research on Attraction
The emotional displays of attractiveness are examined through a random sampling of men and women who had been shown pictures of different emotional demeanors. Women found strong, prideful men and gloomy, emotionally despot men more attractive than happy, smiling men, whereas the opposite was true for men.
Societies and cultures throughout the world have scratched their respective heads in attempting to discover the rules of attraction and love. Potions, foods, scents, candles, colors, the accessories and decorations are nearly endless attempts to provide the special magic it takes to draw a man or woman’s attention. Quite often though, the basal sexual attraction that relationships often begin with, do so...
The end:
.....atibility, or that this attractiveness has any bearing on whether or not a man or woman could be a good father or mother, husband or wife. But, to get to those places in a relationship, there is more than likely an initial attraction. It is this initial sexual attraction, there is a sense that opposites do attract one another. The happy appearing woman is more attractive to men, then a dominant woman or a high profile or prideful demeanor, whereas the opposite is true for men in that a confidence, prideful and strong and even emotionally taxed or gloomy appearance causes a greater infatuation for women initially. This does mean that kindness or politeness are irrelevant, but that for appearance, strength for men is a positive trait to have.