Research Findings for Social Support for the Death Penalty


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Perspectives of Capital Punishment: Research Findings for Social Support for the Death Penalty
The use of the death penalty as punishment for crimes has become a topic that continually polarizes public opinion in many developed countries. Many individuals feel that exacting a toll of death on a criminal is equitable, if the crime committed is egregious enough to merit the finality of death. Other individuals see the death penalty as a greater crime against humanity, and only entrenches adversarial relationships between criminals and society, and in no way rehabilitates the individual. They argue that the notion of retribution through the execution of criminals is ethically and morally bankrupt. The issue is complex, and has confounded...
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.....arrow focus of Jiang et al. provides understanding of one societies’ perspective of the death penalty, while the broader perspective of Brown et al. considers more general aspects of the reasons why humans, regardless of cultural and geographical borders form opinions consistent with the support of capital punishment.
Brown, Ben, Wm. Reed Benedict, and Kevin Buckler.
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