Request for Hiring Information


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The beginning:
Request for Hiring Information
Assignment 1
Management Consulting
123 Main Street
Toronto, Ontario M8W 4P9
(416) 239-4591
February 2, 2010
Jane Park
34 Prospect Lane
North York, Ontario M9E 2K7
Dear Ms. Park
Subject: Request for Hiring Information
Thank you for your letter of interest with regard to seeking employment with Management Consulting. As the Human Resources manager responsible for hiring, I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with the necessary information should you wish to further pursue your expression of interest in joining our team.
Although we do not have any positions open at the moment, we are a large and rapidly growing firm and I expect there will be employment opportunities...
The end:
.....there is a minor barrier for employment in the Toronto real estate industry in that one requires outside training in order to move beyond an entry-level position, this barrier is neither costly nor time consuming. Moreover, young people will also be making money while they are in training. Although it is usually the case that it will take several years for an agent to develop the skills – if they are suited to the job – to make a good living, the prospects for the industry as a whole are such as to represent a promising future.
Given the above findings, the real estate industry in the Greater Toronto Area may be recommended – to both high school and college graduates – as a promising industry in which to start their careers.