Republicanism of Macchiavelli and Hobbes


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The beginning:
Republicanism of Macchiavelli and Hobbes: Do Machiavelli and Hobbes mean the same thing when they invoke the idea of republicanism? What are their attitudes towards republican forms of government? Which do you agree with and why?
The ensuing paper looks at republicanism as it manifests itself in Machiavelli and in Hobbes. Specifically, we want to know whether or not Machiavelli and Hobbes mean the same thing when they invoke the idea of republicanism. Furthermore, we want to know what their attitudes are towards republican forms of government and the extent to which they differ – if they differ at all. Last of all, assessing both men carefully, it is useful to ask which of their attitudes we are in agreement with and why we are in...
The end: enduring and what will lead to merely catastrophe.
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