Reminding Myself


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The beginning:
Reminding Myself
     Journaling is sort of like taking your own pulse and keeping a record of it to remind you not merely about what and how you learned, but how and why you might have fallen short of your expectations and those of your instructors, superiors, even your patients. It is, really, a sort of taking stock of your feelings.
     For student nurses, journaling is especially valuable because it does give one a chance to focus on specifics, to realize how well one listens and sees and comprehends and then puts all those senses together into a reflective process “Elements of the reflective process are identified as returning to the experience…attending to feelings…and reevaluating the experience” (
 1994 p. 7).
     It is...
The end:
..... they remain constant or are changed. Page after page reflects discovering who I am and what I am all about.
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