Religious Meaning and Architecture in “Despicable Me”


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Religious Meaning and Architecture in "Despicable Me"
The religious meaning in Despicable Me is that the divine gift of love will inevitably conquer the empty yield that greed and evil deeds bestow upon individuals. Early in the film, Gru found a child disconsolate over the loss of an ice cream cone. Gru made the child a balloon toy and then proceeded to pop the balloon. Thus, the film started out by showing the face of evil. Religious discourse often crystallizes into a general analysis of the endless struggle between good and evil. This film was yet another example where this concept was a central theme. Gru was provided to be a character of questionable integrity from a number of standpoints. His focus on generally ill conceived and...
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.....e are some similarities. As an oppressive individual, he was able to find salvation through the very individuals he was seeking to subjugate. Surprising metamorphoses can emanate from the most unlikely of quarters. Gru was blessed in this regard and ultimately this was achieved through the power of love, a universal bond which is as divine as it can be.
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