Religion: The Gospel of Paul


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Religion: The Gospel of Paul
This paper refers to the original letters written by St Paul. The paper discusses the life of Paul and when he was converted to Christianity. The focus shall be upon Romans 1-2; Corinthians; Galatians; Philippians; Thessalonians; Philemon; Colossians; and the Letter to the Ephesians. The paper will focus on the life of Paul, as well, for that sheds light on his own conversion experience and where Paul saw himself in relationship to God and in relationship to the other early Church Fathers. In particular, whilst a case can be made that Paul arguably felt himself to be not amongst the most favoured of Christ’s flock because of his persecutions of Christians, it is probably more accurate to say that Paul saw...
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..... the law – which is not a good thing in the least. Yet, when he had his revelation, Paul ceased to view God in a critical light and started to see the Lord as being someone with whom he had a special relationship; he became, as it were, a true Son of God and fulfilled his destiny. As much as anything else, Paul saw himself – and others in the early church – as people who were blessed by providence to carry out the word of God and to spread it to all corners of the earth.
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