Relativity Theory of Galaxies Release Jets of Gas


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Relativity Theory of Galaxies Release Jets of Gas
Some collections of stars called galaxies release jets of gas. Some of these jets have been measured to travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum. Write a two page report on these measurements and explain why relativity theory is not violated
A resolution wide field imaging work conducted over five years (2003-2008) have illustrated that there are estimated over 500,000 galaxies rapidly spinning out of control, and this process emit neutron stars which are said to be travelling faster than light. Does this tendency undermine relativity theory? What is relativity theory one may ask? It is a theory proposed by the Jewish physicist Albert Einstein who lived from 1879-1955. This theory...
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.....s Alamos national Laboratory told the gathering that such occurrence did not in any way violate the Einstein Special Relativity Theory. (Atkinson, Jan 6, 2010) . This conclusion also supports the point made here that these galaxy jets although they may travel at speeds faster than that of sound in a vacuum do not violate the relativity theory.
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