Relationship between Deviance and Society


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Relationship between Deviance and Society
The relationship between deviance and society is one of the most important questions for many sociologists. One way in which the idea of deviance has been conceived is as a continuum. In Social Deviance Stuart Henry suggests that the continuum should be seen as a bell curve with normal
and abilities being in the middle. Negative
and abilities become increasingly deviant heading towards the left tail. Superior
and abilities like being a genius head toward the left tail. The important point being that there is negative and positive deviance in this model and the both get more extreme as the move away from the centre(Henry 16).
In this essay it will be argued that this...
The end:
.....ion of
and groups on this continuum it is necessary to look at moral panics. Moral panics allow for the status quo to be maintained by making marginal groups, individuals and
increasing deviant. In this way the dominant groups in society can maintain their position of privilege by making marginal groups and
into something that needs to be controlled or eliminated.
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