Reflections on World Religions


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Reflections on World Religions 
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November 10, 2010
Buddhism may not be a religion in the strictest sense of the word as it does not proscribe the wholesale presence of God in its ideology. However, there are enough spiritual practices which would constitute it being considered a religion.  Smith (1991) argued that “Buddhism begins with a man.” Meditation is a major aspect of Buddhist practices and is seen as the primary component of achieving greater levels of enlightenment. Daily life consists of proper actions (karma), which is the main component in the law of cause-and-effect. Buddhism has Four Noble Truths:
1. All life is suffering.
2. Suffering is caused by desire.
3. Through...
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.....s, particularly in Hinduism.
Examples of communities living in different parts of the world which still practice aboriginal faiths include the 
 of South America, the 
 in Africa, the Inuit in North America and Greenland, and the Australian Aborigines, just to name a few. Unfortunately, these faiths are being slowly eroded by the more pervasive and invasive faiths of the modern religions.
Smith, H. (1991). The world's religions: Our great wisdom 
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