Reflections on the Historica Film, “Peacemaker”


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Reflections on the Historica Film, "Peacemaker"
Canadian culture is often said to be peace-loving and law-abiding but few newcomers to Canada see that this is not a conservative or ‘British’ post-colonial condition. In fact, it is much older that the European colonization of what is now Canada, in events of 1500 years ago in what is now Eastern Ontario. The idea of everyone needing to be heard and cooperation towards peace can be attributed in part to the tradition of Tenawite. (Historica 2010)
His grandmother long before his birth told others of a dream in which the Great Spirit announced how her grandson would be a special peacemaker, and called him by name. When Tenawite was born, it was seen that he was special. He had his...
The end: or practiced and how this might influence Canadian phenomena of the present.
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