Reflections on Teaching Grade 3 Mathematics


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Reflections on Teaching Grade 3 Mathematics
The task studied in this exercise involved estimating the length of one object of unknown length in terms of the length of another, shorter object whose length was known. The requirement in the Grade 3 math curriculum addressed by this exercise was mastering measurement using standard units and relating one-digit multiplication to real-life situations (Ontario Ministry of Education 53).
The object of unknown length was a wall; the object whose length was known was a bicycle. The bicycle was approximately 2 meters long; the wall was 10 meters, a measurement that could be estimated by placing five bicycles along the wall. The answer could then be obtained by either addition (2 plus 2 plus 2 plus 2...
The end:
..... who uses somewhat more advanced concepts deserves to have a better mark than a slightly less advanced though more careful and thorough one, but it is a point worth further reflection. The choice might best depend on whether the first student's carelessness ever began to degrade his or her ability to compute and express process and results. On a more general note, I resolved to pay more attention to guiding the students towards completeness in their operational skills, and to look for and control any hint of an overly result-oriented style of instruction and evaluation.
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