Reflections on Leadership


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The beginning:
Reflections on Leadership
The following discussion provides a synthesis and evaluation of the leadership knowledge developed during the class both reflecting on content and process. Topics covered include why I chose to take this leadership class and what I have learned from the readings of the Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner as well as Nuts!: Southwest Airlines' crazy recipe for business and personal by Freiberg and Freiberg.
Why I Chose to Take this Leadership Class
In terms of addressing why I chose to take a class on leadership, it is fundamentally because leadership knowledge and skills are essential to success in any type of career or profession. This is due to the fact that a person’s leadership style impacts every aspect...
The end:
.....ooperative learning, and inclusion strategies that promote recognition of the student, it allows them to exercise their full potential.
In the final commentary, the class has proven to be helpful in providing a conceptual foundation in leadership. But even more importantly, what I have learned provides a valuable foundation for future growth as a leader as an educator.
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