Reflection: Patient with Diabetes and Stroke


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Reflection: Patient with Diabetes and Stroke
I was a student at an outpatient clinic when we went in to assess and evaluate a 68 year old diabetic African American woman with uncontrolled blood glucose levels. The patient woke up in the morning with a ‘funny look’ on her face and complained of weakness in her right leg and arm. Being the last person to leave the room after the assessment and evaluation, I thought I would ask her if there was anything else that I could do for her. She then mentioned that due to the right lower extremity weakness she would like me to pick up the phone and bring it to her so she could call her daughter to provide an update on her status. I brought her the phone and watched her struggle to use the...
The end:
.....ural background, intellectual and physical capacity.
Nursing involves caring for the patient and providing the resources necessary to enable the patient to be comfortable to receive treatment. The nursing role also includes promoting health and developing a relationship with the patient to properly assess and evaluate the health problem.
In conclusion, I view my role as a nurse to promote and prevent disease complications and show concern and care for patients. My theory is based on a caring theme where the patient’s ability to be comfortable during a severe condition is imperative. I also believe that in reflecting this incidence I need to educate my patients about the conditions of the illnesses and prevention of complications.