Reflection Paper: Johnnieruth


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Reflection Paper: Johnnieruth
In this reading, the character of Johnnieruth comes to symbolize what is important about understanding diversity. The idea of diversity is not linked to a single cultural norm. Instead, as Birtha illustrates, it is possible to participate in and understand different values within one culture. Johnnieruth is present in and belongs to one community in which she is not overtly treated poorly, and yet she is still interested in seeking out a different type of experience as she grows older. She is able to recognize her own values as being different from those around her, and she realizes that, "I didn't know too much in them days, but that's when I first got to thinking about how it's got to be different ways to...
The end:
..... with them due to their social background. In other words, diversity runs much deeper than the focal points which we seem to connect to, such as the hijab, the cross and the dreadlocks. Instead, it is important to provide each child with the support he or she needs to become the person he or she wants to be over the long term.
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