Reflection on Boykin’, et al.’s (2005) article


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The beginning:
Reflection on Boykin’, et al.’s (2005) article  
Grand nursing theory can play a major role in transforming nursing practice and grand theory is being used much more in practice. The theory of nursing as caring has special value. The problem is that two sets of theories are available: grand nursing theories and middle-range theories. Although numerous theories exist, very few actually work. Also, evidence-based practice is gaining priority over nursing models. What is needed is middle-range theory which is compatible with grand theory, and the theory of nursing as caring achieves this. The goal is to transform practice and to create a caring environment. Jean Watson’s theory of human care works well with middle-range theory to...
The end:
..... patient care can be rounded in a theoretical model which is based on nursing as caring, there can be consistency and effectiveness. When grand theory and middle-range theory are brought together, nurses can be provided with the guidance they need for their practice. Change resulting from theory is sustained and effective because it is directed not at inert things but at relationships between people. 
Boykin, A., 
, S., Baldwin, J. & McCarthy, D. (2005). Living caring in practice: The transformative power of the theory of nursing as caring. ----, 9(3), 15-19.
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