Reflection on and Analysis of Social Experiences


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Reflection on and Analysis of Social Experiences
The context in which we operate as social actors often acts to define our identity and our roles within our communities. In relating to others, we are often forced to see ourselves as they see us, but at the same time, we can negotiate our social relations so that we can build our own sense of power in connection with and in apposition to those around us. This essay serves to explore the identity and power relations of those who see themselves as operating outside of what might be considered the norm. In addition, this essay will seek to find ways to apply this understanding of social relations and experiences in an approach to anti-discriminatory social work practice.
Ewoldt (2000) provides...
The end:
..... and on the community as a whole, they must be able to understand how and why individuals are affected by their personal identity and social inequity. Only by taking the social relationships and context into consideration may we be able to truly make a difference in helping those who are sometimes not able to help themselves. Social workers can offset the power differential by opening up new systems of support for those in need of assistance.
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