Reflection on a Reading Lesson


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The beginning:
Reflection on a Reading Lesson
In this lesson I worked with “Bob” a grade 1 student to read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff. The goal was to practice strategies that would help Bob to sequence and recognize words. I planned comprehension strategies for before, during and after the reading. These included familiarizing Bob with the book and the story, on using graphics to predict the meaning of words (covering them with post-its) and creating a narrated illustration afterward.
Overall I felt the lesson was a success. Bob completed the pre-reading and post-reading activities and was able to predict the covered words with 60% accuracy when he read the story to me. He was also enthusiastic, enjoyed the lesson and was proud...
The end:
.....improve Bob’s reading comprehension weaknesses. As he develops this skill I feel the greater weakness might be his lack of word-attack skills. I didn’t push Bob to sound-out words in this lesson, but rather to predict them. Perhaps next time I will have Bob use both strategies. After he has predicted a word, I will remove the post-it. If he accurately identified the word, then he should be able to sound it out once the post-it is removed. If he has made a wrong prediction, even with his weak word attack skills he should be able to spot the error. Perhaps by introducing sounding out the word as a means of self- assessing, Bob can combine these two strategies and get in the habit of combining phonetic skills and predictive reading strategies.