Reflection: Different Learnings


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Reflection: Different Learnings
Learning 1: Northouse (2009) notes that leadership is achieved both through personal inspiration and the solicitation of new ideas from others around us. In other words, being a leader is not solely linked to putting forward your own point of view. Instead it is about looking at the best of the best from among all of your colleagues and being able to recognize when an idea is valuable to the group as a whole. I will be able to use this teaching in my own life because, as I grow towards a leadership position, I will need to examine my own ideas versus those of other people in a critical manner. This means that I must give equal weight to all ideas even if I am the one who is making the final decisions for my...
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.....t without having a clear idea of what matters to its global customers, and it is evident that the approach to date has not worked. This means that they need to reinstate the American leadership team, and begin to implement true cross-cultural solutions, rather than the current ones which focus on the Korean way of doing things. References
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