Reflecting on your Community: Watson’s and Newman’s Theory


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Reflecting on your Community: Watson's and Newman's Theory
The lived experiences of residents in nursing homes revealed that they have difficulty adapting to their environment due to socio-economic factors such as lack of financial resources, low self-worth and lack of family support and have challenges in participating in daily activities due to physical and cognitive impairment. I noticed that they were very susceptible to healthcare acquired diseases due to their chronic and mental conditions. I also realized that the residents need interventions to improve their quality of care and their environment.
Watson’s theory of human caring guided my practice in providing a supporting and protective environment. I provided support to the...
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.....d allowed them to express their emotions. I also used Parse’s theory of human becoming to help improve the quality of life of residents. This involved my ability to ensure that the needs of the residents were met and their healthcare goals were achieved as I interacted with them. My light-bulb moment was when I realized that using Watson’s theory of human caring during my interactions with the elderly significantly improved the moods of the residents and helped them to trust me more.
The experience influenced my interest to provide care in nursing homes in the future. I realized the critical aspect of caring for this population during their final years. I learned that I needed to be more empathetic and sensitive to the needs of the elderly.