Reducing Venipuncture and Intravenous Insertion Pain


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The beginning:
Reducing Venipuncture and Intravenous Insertion Pain
In order for new techniques to be adopted by nurses, doctors and other medical practitioners it is necessary to thoroughly review clinical trials. For this assignment we will examine a clinical review paper of clinical studies. The paper that we will examine is “Reducing
and Intravenous Insertion Pain with
Mixture of Local Anesthetic” by Susan Jane
. Ten questions will be answered regarding the paper.
The question that the paper was designed to answer related to the effectiveness of using Eutectic Mixture of Local Anesthetics (EMLA) to reduce pain for
(VE)and intravenous insertion pain (IV). It is basically believed that EMLA will be particularly...
The end:
.....ildren. This procedure would significantly reduce their stress common procedures.
It can be argued that it might also have benefits for adults. It could be used for any patients who have issues with injections. In fact the procedure could have a wide range of applications as a topical method of localized pain control. In this sense it is an alternative to pain control techniques that use injections or gases. It might also be a viable option for those who have allergies to more traditional methods of pain control.
, S. J. (2002). Reducing
and intravenous
insertion pain with
mixture of local anesthetic.
Nursing Researching, 51(2), 119-124.
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