Recruitment and Selection


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The beginning:
Recruitment and Selection
In this document the author will compare and contrast two different organizations of choice for the human resources strategies that they pursue, the recruitment strategies of the two companies, the recruitment in the past year and for the current year, the recruitment processes of the two companies and last but not least the what the two companies are doing right, what they are doing wrong and how things can be changed and improved in the each of the two companies. The two companies that will be used studied in this research will be ING Canada the insurance company and Hudson’s Bay the upscale retail outlet that is located in Canada.
ING Canada is one of the leading insurance...
The end:
..... consist of posting the job on its website, sorting through the candidates who have applied using TALEO its recruitment software, conducting telephone interviews, conducting
interviews, then short listing the candidates and testing the top three candidates using psychometric testing, then having a final face to face interview, choosing the final candidate and checking references and background.
Hudson’s Bay has a similar process for its permanent employees, however it does not use a recruitment software like ING uses.
Based on the all the information that has been provided above it is apparent that both companies have a very good recruitment and human resources strategy and therefore do not require many improvements.