“Recruiting Recruiters” by Steve Taylor: A Review


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"Recruiting Recruiters" by Steve Taylor: A Review
In the article Recruiting Recruiters written by Steve Taylor there is a positive outlook provided that separates this essay from others in this difficult economic time. The ability of Taylor to be positive about recruiting made the article interesting (Taylor, 2010, pp. 16-18).
Taylor explains his belief that companies are ready to bring in recruiters to fill employee positions that have been transformed in this Great Recession as he calls it. He writes that the Great Recession is slowing and an end is imminent. The belief of Taylor that the recession is ending is what he sees as businesses improving themselves through restoring and creating new employee positions (Taylor, 2010, pp....
The end:
.....yee retention which in turn affects customer service and satisfaction; in a recession in order to have a competitive edge customer satisfaction must increase not decrease (Taylor, 2010, pp. 16-18).
The article is successful on a multitude of levels such as maintaining an optimistic attitude without painting an unrealistic picture of economic recovery for recruiting firms. Eventually businesses will begin to hire recruiters again, but Taylor is realistic in pointing out that recruiters won’t be comfortable again in business until there has been a lot of change in what companies are looking for from a recruiter and a new hire (Taylor, 2010, pp. 16-18).
Taylor, S. (2010). Recruiting recruiters. Staffing Management, 6(1/2), 16-18, 20.