Recommendations to be Employed by Drive-Through Car Wash


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The beginning:
Recommendations to be Employed by Drive-Through Car Wash
Marketing Essay
This paper will consist of three recommendations for communications tactics to be employed by Drive-Through Car Wash. The tactical recommendations have been chosen on the understanding that Drive-Through Car Wash should cover as many bases of the marketing promotional mix as possible. The conclusion is that, by employing communications strategies of vastly different character and scope, Drive-Through Car Wash will maximize the number of customers it can reach.
First Recommendation: Guerrilla Marketing
The first recommendation is for Drive-Through Car Wash to employ guerrilla marketing, a low- or no-cost method of generating buzz by getting customers, or...
The end:
.....rospects to customers or cement the bond of trust with existing customers.
The three recommendations recommended to Drive-Through Car Wash—guerrilla marketing, direct marketing, and blogging—were deliberately chosen because of the diversity of approach that they cumulatively represent, as well as their relatively low cost when compared to communications media such as television advertising. Adopting the hybrid approach recommended increases the chances that one of the recommended communications methods will prove to pay dividends for Drive-Through Car Wash.
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