Reasons to Quit the Habit of Smoking


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Reasons to Quit the Habit of Smoking
Smoking cigarettes is a dangerous habit that affects the individual who smokes as well as those around them and the place in which they live. Smoking is addictive, which means that once one starts smoking, it becomes incredibly difficult to quit. High economic costs to both the smoker and health care insurers, as well as the environmental costs of smoking also show that smoking is a problem that should be avoided at all costs; if one has already started smoking, the best advice is to quit as soon as possible in order to help to ensure a healthier life.
In contemporary society, the economic costs of smoking are astronomical. A pack of cigarettes tends to cost approximately $4 to $6 each, plus state and...
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Cigarette smoking is a dangerous and frankly obnoxious habit. It reduces the quality of life of both the individual smoker and society at large in every day and long-term ways. Cigarettes have a negative effect on one’s finances, one’s health, and one’s environment. If one is already a smoker, quitting as soon as possible, in whatever way that works, is the best and only option for a healthier life and world.
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