Reality Therapy and How it is Being Used Today


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Reality Therapy and How it is Being Used Today
In recent years, reality therapy has gained considerable popularity and currency in a wide variety of professional and clinical settings. Reality therapy is based on the idea that people can exact change in their lives if they look at themselves and their environment realistically – that is, "recognize and accept accountability for their own chosen behaviors and make better choice" (Corey, 2007, p. 404). Accordingly, the following report provides a discussion of reality therapy in terms of its basic principles and how it is used today.
Case Study Method
To support the above stated purposes, a case sample is used involving a young mother in her early twenties who has three children and is in an...
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.....g with personal truths. From there, taking appropriate actions through a realistic action plan becomes the means by which clients like Mary exact change and enjoy the process of discovering their real self-identify.
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