Reading the Photography and Literature of the Harlem Renaissance


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The beginning:
Reading the Photography and Literature of the Harlem Renaissance
Photography was one of several popular art forms used to document and express African-American experience during the Harlem Renaissance. At the same time that musicians, singers, writers, and other artists were exploring the historical and contemporary conditions of African and African-American life, photographers were creating images that examined the ways in which life was changing for African-Americans; in fact, several Harlem Renaissance photographers sought to record the key figures involved in this movement of heightened culture. Carl van
(1880-1964) and James van
Zee (1886-1983) were two of the most well-known and well-versed photographers of the Harlem...
The end:
.....roduction, it was not without its tensions between white and Black cultures and within African-American culture as to what the best, most useful ways of representation of the self were for African-Americans.
Figure 1. James van
Zee, A Couple Wearing Raccoon Coats with a Cadillac, Taken on West 127th Street, 1932.
Figure 2. Carl van
, Portrait of Bessie Smith, 1936.
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