Reading Reviews on Canadian Social Policy


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The beginning:
Reading Reviews on Canadian Social Policy
Review number one: Alvin
chapter 12
starts his chapter by recounting the sad tale of a young single mother who is forced to leave for another province because Alberta’s social security provisions had become so meagre that, confronted with overwhelming bills and little in the way of support, she faced the prospect of having her children wrestled from her by child services;
notes how this was remarkably different than how things stood in 1970 when guaranteed annual incomes and comprehensive social housing and extensive day care accommodations were all being talked about by federal government commissions (
, 283-284).
goes on to report that, from the 1960s onward,...
The end:
.....their income to subsidize a retirement system that is already going to benefit one group (or a few, primarily female) groups above all others. There is something inequitable about asking groups with poor longevity records and with less disposable income to give up their income to serve the needs of certain other groups that already enjoy a socio-economic advantage.
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