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Reading Reports
“How to Mark a Book”
Mortimer Adler alludes to the poem “Paradise Lost” by John Milton (n.p.). During the 1940s, the type of literature discussed in conversations of intellectuals might have been the works of great writers such as Milton. However, in modern times these types of writing, despite their wonderful content, might simply be unknown to the casual reader or undergraduate university student. Adler referred to a warranted reservation of marking a first edition of the book due to his reverence for it.
Conversations between Readers and Authors
Adler made the case that reading involves a conversation between the reader and the author. One of the concepts Adler was discussing was narration. In written text, an...
The end:
.....hat all writing is inherently imperfect and that the process of revision is critical in the never-ending endeavor of trying to render the writing to be perfect. This perfection of course is unattainable.
Thesis Sentence
Murray stated: “A piece of writing is never finished” (60). This sentence clearly made the case that revision is endless because the product itself can always be further refined.
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