Randy Pausch Lecture: Time Management


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Randy Pausch Lecture: Time Management
The primary theme of the lecture is that time must be explicitly managed, just like money, because of the fact that it is a resource. Managers that are adept at time management and accountability are able to add value to the organization by increasing time and production efficiencies, motivating others and managing change more effectively. The lecture reveals that coordinating time-based activities was one of the most overlooked managerial and leadership functions. This indicates that while decision-making is of course a valued managerial and leadership competency, it is over-valued in many respects. This is because many of the predominant activities related to a manager’s competencies in the...
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.....ke choices about their work. Several ways to accomplish this are to focus on the two competencies pointed out initially: time management and accountability. At the same time, other researchers have come to recognize that the managerial model most effective at adapting to the perpetual presence of change and the continual need to address professional and developmental needs of the individual employee is the transformational leadership model. Learning firms, and by extension transformational managers, tend to revolve around the establishment and maintenance of on-going processes that lead to continual improvement across the firm which allow people to work at the pace that best suits their jobs and the mental work that they complete every day.